1991 [Famos Technology]

Fonitech Industrial CO., LTD. was established in Taiwan in

1991 and Famos Technology CO., LTD. was established in

Dongguan in 2003. The main products are communication

accessories and computer peripheral products.


1995 [Clayton Audio USA]

Founded in 1995 by Wilson Shen, a former IBM engineer, in

St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The company focuses on the

development and sales of Hi-end audio amplifier products.

2011 [Winintone Technology]

Winintone Technology CO., LTD. was established in

Shenzhen, China in 2011.  This company is focusing

on design and production of Hi-end headphones.

2018 [Clayton Audio China]

In April, 2018 Famos acquired Winintone and introduced

technologies from Clayton Audio(USA) to establish a new

company: Clayton Audio  (China) CO., LTD.