CLAYTON AUDIO  is the leading wooden headsets manufacturer in China. We focus on the design, development and manufacturing of various types of headphones. We are also a well-known OEM/ODM manufacturer to most of the famous European and American headset brands. Our own designed products, such as Bluetooth headphones, Wooden headphones,High-end music headphones,Dynamic type / Balanced armature type / Dynamic& Balanced armature type headphones are sold to The US, Europe, Japan, Korea and other countries.

CLAYTON AUDIO  possesses a highly sophisticated manufacturing management system and work only with those suppliers who can provide us the best materials, such as wood, Titanium Alloy … This enables us to monitor each manufacturing step precisely and ensure our finished products with zero-defect. Not surprisingly our product quality have won our customers and business partners'  recognition. CLAYTON AUDIO  looks forward to working with those customers who value high quality headset manufacturers with product design and development capabilities.

R&D Capability
ID Design
Our team not only has an innovative vision and sharp
insight but also possesses rich practical design experience.
With these valuable capabilities, Clayton Audio can always
meet customers’ tough requirements and transform a
concept to a prototype, then to a marketable product within
a very short product development cycle. This can help our
customers to keep their leading position in today’s highly
competitive market.
Mechanical Design
Clayton Audio is particularly good at making products that
have a complicated structure with demanding surface
treatment. We also have unbeatable craftsmanship in the
mix and match of alloy and wooden parts in headphones.
Electronic Design
Clayton Audio invests lots of time and money on the research
of cutting-edge technologies such as audio power amplifier
circuit, Bluetooth audio solution and ANC active noise reduction.
From hardware selection, circuit design, PCB Layout and
prototype debugging, our electronic engineers control the whole
process tightly.
Acoustics Design
The success of a headphones depends on the choice of
Driver Unit, the design of sound chamber and the tuning of
headphones.     As a result, we only choose the best
components for our headphones. We import the best Driver
Unit from Taiwan with the wood sound chamber. After tuning
repeatedly, we make the sound of our headphones perfect.
Mould Design
Clayton Audio clearly understands that the excellence of a
mould definitely affects the quality of finished products and
their production efficiency. This is the reason why we spend
lots of money on moulding facilities and build a strong mould
design team. In fact, moulding has become a profit centre
through exporting moulds to overseas customers. With this
strong technical background, we are confident that we can
produce higher quality headsets than our competitors.
Woodworking Department
In order to have the best product quality, we carefully select each piece of
wood and each pair of headphone shell is polished carefully and repeatedly

Assembly workshop and Laboratory
Our factory has a fully equipped laboratory. Thus, we can test our headphones
for sound quality and sturdiness at each stage of the manufacturing cycle.
With the use of ‘Control Plan’ management method and under the ISO-9001:
2015 system, the entire manufacturing process (sourcing -> purchasing ->
goods-in/goods-out -> WIP -> shipment) is closely monitored to ensure the
reliability and stability of each single piece of products.
Mould & Injection
Our Mould & Injection department was established in 2006. After fulfilling our
internal requirements, the department still has 80% production capability left
for taking care of mould orders mainly from European customers. The
excellence of moulds can guarantee the quality of products.
Quality Assurance

Quality Policy

Quality  First, Customer Paramountcy, Steady Management, Continuous Development

Managing Concept

Honesty, Innovation, Health, Excellence